Weekly Photo Challenge: Philadelphia in Half-Light

This week’s Daily Post weekly photo challenge is called Half-Light.



This photo is from our Philadelphia trip last October. Looking East out the hotel window one evening, the sun could still reach some buildings but not the ones in the shadow of our Center City Sheraton Hotel.

I thought this was a pretty good example of “half-light.”

We really had a good time in Philly, to read my post about our trip click Whirlwind Weekend in Philadelphia Part 1.

Anyone else love Philadelphia?

Photo Challenge: Love Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is to focus on Love and what it means to us. I find love in several ways and thought I would share with you a few of them.

  • The love of a spouse – This is my husband when we went to Niagara Falls, NY this year, for our 30th wedding anniversary. It takes love to last that long 🙂  Jim at Niagara Falls
  • The love of children – I’m beginning the process of “empty nesting” with one boy done with college and one just starting.  boys in suits
  • The love of pets – There is nothing like the unconditional love of a pet!  cat
  • Skipping the next obvious loves of parents, family and friends we come to the love of life –  we enjoy life by camping and traveling

    Our summer home


What are some of your loves?

To check out the last Weekly Photo Challenge, click Weekly Photo Challenge: My State of Mind.

Big Decisions Can Be Scary!

In everyone’s life ” a little rain must fall” and also a few big decisions. I’m not talking about the decision of changing the color of your living room or whether to get the cat fixed. I’m talking major, life-altering decisions such as where to go to college, what career to pursue or which guy to marry.

wedding dress with red sash

Most of these life-altering decisions you face early in life when your youthful attitude keeps you from completely freaking out. Still, you usually come up against some major decisions later in your lifetime. Maybe you’re faced with a divorce, health issue or job loss. These types of decisions can make you lose sleep and cuss out the mailman.

crazy woman

Change can be exciting but also terrifying. The same way that baked mac & cheese can be a comfort food to a lot of people, our lives chugging along in the usual pattern can be comforting. No surprises. No fears of the unknown. But it can also keep us in a rut, missing out on new adventures and experiences. A short change to our daily lives, such as a vacation, can be safely looked upon with anticipation and excitement because we know afterward we will go back to our comforting, daily routine.

airplane wing

It’s the kind of decision that will be long-term, life-altering that can turn us into insomniacs. We know by making this decision, our daily routine will change in one or more ways. My husband and I are currently facing one of these major decisions, the down-sizing loss of a job and the decision to relocate. Looking for a new job intimidates most of us; the resumes, the applications, the interviews, etc. Tack on relocating your family to another unfamiliar state and you’ve got yourself a plate full of stress.

moving van

So, how do you make a life-altering decision? Toss a coin? Compare the pros & cons? Pray on it? Consult a psychic? Everyone has their own tried-and-true method for making decisions. I, personally, pray about things and use the pros vs. cons method. I list the pros and cons of each option then go with the majority. I also try, notice I said try, to compartmentalize things so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Not familiar with that 32 cent word? Compartmentalize is not only fun to say, it helps you divide things into categories. To pigeonhole your tasks. I concentrate on one task while the others are locked up to wait their turn. The ‘try’ was because sometimes you can’t concentrate on just one task at a time. But when it is possible, it works for me.

key in lock

What are your methods for making decisions?

What are some major decisions you’ve had to deal with in your lifetime?

Your experience may help someone else going through something similar. Thank you for sharing.


Crucial Factors for Feng Shui Success

Cathleen makes Feng Shui so simple!

Feng Shui that Makes Sense by Cathleen McCandless

The article below is taken from my March 2016 newsletter. To read the newsletter, click here. Please note that this blog, and content in the newsletter are copyright protected. No material may be copied without permission.

Feng Shui is not an exact science, nor can it grant your every wish. What it can do is free up the energy to help things in your life run more smoothly and in a more positive direction. I’ve found from doing this work for over 20 years and with over 1,000 consultations, that when done properly, feng shui can truly help us to live a happier, healthier, and more successful life. The key words here are when done properly. In this article, I’m going to point out five important things to bear in mind when applying feng shui principles to your home.

1. You MUST have an accurate floor plan and accurate compass directions. 

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