How To Look At Age With Grace And Pride

Such a beautiful way to look at aging.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

When I was twenty, I thought thirty was old,
then I became thirty and it wasn’t so bad.
Lo Presto! Forty came calling and looks good on me,
that now I realize fifty isn’t old at all.

I realized that age flies and are only numbers when you count,
‘cos these numbers don’t depict the essence of who you are
and the miles you’ve walked in life.

I’ll embrace fifty when it does come round
with grace and a lot of gratitude
for to age is a blessing
that many don’t live to see.

Fifty, The Daily Post

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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How to Have Fun With Miniatures

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is about fun. One of the many things I like to do for fun is build my dollhouses. Miniature dollhouses come in various ranges from 1:12 all he way down to 1/44 scale. I have mainly worked with the one inch to one foot scale but will some day explore the world of one half-inch to one foot (if my eyes can do it). Thought I’d share with you some photos of a couple of my miniatures.

This house boat is my current project. I plan on making it a “glam-boat” with lots of bright colors and feminine touches.

house boat in miniature

Sorry I can’t show you a photo of what it will look like finished because the box is packed away for our move.

This is my Victorian cottage. I imagine an old Confederate General’s widow living here with her seven cats. I’m still working on the landscaping.

Victorian cottage dollhouse


This is a miniature woodland scene created in an old 20 gallon fish tank.

woodland scene

squirrel's house

woodland scene

Does anyone else build miniature scenes or dollhouses?

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Morning: My Favorite Time of Day!

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is quite easy for me since morning is my favorite time of day. I am definitely a morning person, just ask my family who think I’m nuts. But morning is quiet and fresh so I can concentrate on my social media and writing.

I start my mornings with a delicious chocolate, banana, blueberry, avocado and almond milk smoothie.


I love how everything looks with the early morning sunlight. Here is morning looking out over Philadelphia:

Sunday morning in Philly


What’s your favorite time of day?

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