Get A Romance-Filled Bedroom With Feng Shui

Chinese lettering for feng shui


Feng means wind and shui means water and in Chinese cultures, wind and water are associated with good health. The Chinese people have been using the ancient art of feng shui to balance energies to ensure health and good fortune for over 3,000 years.There are early recordings from the Tang Dynasty of employing feng shui masters to select auspicious sites and feng shui texts as required reading for those taking Imperial exams.

Master Yang Yun Sang was considered the founder of the landscape school of feng shui which focuses on the importance of selecting an auspicious site that has the Dragon’s energy. This involves very careful examination of the shape of land formations, such as mountains, hills, valleys and even water formations.

Feng Shui Master Yang Yun Sang

About 100 years later during the Song Dynasty, Master Wang Chih’s Compass School of feng shui gained popularity. This school is based on using compass directions and the eight I-Ching trigrams arranged on an octagon feng shui energy map.

feng shui chart



In the late 19th Century, these two schools merged, providing a large body of knowledge and wisdom for reading the energy in homes, offices and gardens.

So, let’s talk bedrooms!

With feng shui, your bedroom can have a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy.

Tips for a good feng shui bedroom:

  • get rid of the tv, computer and exercise equipment. Your bedroom should be only for sleeping and romance.
  • open your windows often, or if you’re like me and live in a northern climate use a good quality air-purifier during the cold months. The air inside a closed room becomes stagnant which is bad feng shui.
  • the best bedroom lighting is candles, but make sure you get non-toxic ones.


  • use soothing colors, pale whites to rich chocolate browns.
  • your bed must be approachable from both sides, with 2 round bedside tables. You should not have sharp edges in the bedroom.

round bedside table

  • you need a good mattress, solid headboard and high quality sheets.
  • your bed should not be in direct line to the bedroom door.
  • keep the bedroom closet clean and organized.

organized closet

  • do not store anything under your bed, it restricts the energy flow.


How does your bedroom compare with these tips for a good feng shui bedroom?

Have you ever used feng shui to ensure health and good fortune?

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Red Cross To The Rescue

In my upcoming book, Hong Kong Treasure, Annie is in the Philippines when a deadly typhoon hits. The Red Cross is one major organization that helps during and after such disasters strike.


So I am proud to announce that I will be donating a portion of each sale of Hong Kong Treasure to the American Red Cross.


Clara Barton

While visiting Europe after the American Civil War, Clara Barton was introduced to the global Red Cross organization, inspired by the Swiss. When she returned home, she campaigned for an American branch and on May 21, 1881, the American Red Cross was founded.

Clara Barton led the American Red Cross for twenty-three years.

Clara Barton helping soldiers

Prior to World War I, the Red Cross introduced first-aid water safety and public health nursing programs. During the war, they staffed hospitals and ambulance companies and recruited 20,000 registered nurses to serve in the military.



Today, the American Red Cross:

  • responds to natural and man-made disasters (fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, hazardous material spills, transportation accidents, etc.).
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  • conducts health and safety training (courses and certifications, emergency planning and preparation).
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  • helps vulnerable communities around the world.


To donate, volunteer or learn more about the American Red Cross, visit their site.

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dragon illustrationHong Kong Treasure – A deadly Philippines typhoon stole Annie’s memory. Now, can a handsome Chinese stranger save her from the danger she has forgotten?

Coming this September!