Weekly Photo Challenge: Now It’s Winter

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is ‘now.’ This is our Aggie Girl looking out the dining room door, sad that most of the birds have gone south and the chipmunks and squirrels are hiding because winter has come.


cat looking out door


Normally, we would have had winter a month ago, but instead it seemed like Indian Summer had come in November and never left. We had temperatures in the 60’s in December. Believe me, that’s not the norm for our Lake Erie weather.

Not that I’m complaining, I love the warmth and hate the cold.

So now, Aggie (short for Miss Agatha Christie) will follow the sunshine around the house and dream of spring when we open the camper.

Cat in the camper


How do your pets handle the seasons?

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Feng Shui Resolutions for 2016

As the year dwindles out, my thoughts turn to the new year and resolutions. A brand new year can be a fresh start. A new beginning. A new you.


If you’ve read my Feng Shui posts before, you know a little bit about how it works. If you haven’t, click here. Or check out the websites listed at the end of this post.

What do you want in the new year? A new love?

couple on a bench

If what you want in 2016 is a new and lasting love – concentrate in your bedroom.

  • Is your bedroom cluttered? Is your closet so jammed packed you can’t even close the doors? Is you bed practically held up by everything you have shoved underneath it?
  • Is any art work or knickknacks in your bedroom of singular persuasion? In other words, do you have a picture hanging above your bed of someone walking on a beach alone? Or a ship in a storm? Or a single cute little giraffe statue on your dresser?
  • Do you sleep with whimsical bunnies on your sheets? Or dangerous jungle animals?

To attract love, you need to have an uncluttered bedroom with decorative items in pairs and “room” for that new someone. Make room in your closet, leave space on both sides of your bed and have matching night stands.

bedroom with 2 nightstands


Do you want a new job in 2016?

If you are seeking new or better employment – concentrate on your front entry.

  • Is your front door obscured by shrubs and overgrown trees?
  • Has the light above your front door been burned out since Reagan was president?
  • Is your inside entry cluttered with shoes, coats and bags?
  • Is your entryway dark and shadowed?

With a well-tended and brightly inviting front door opportunities will come knocking. Trim the plants around your door and mend any broken steps or pathways leading to your door. Make sure your front step is brightly lit and welcoming, inside and out.

painted front door


As with all resolutions, they can become overwhelming. If you can only do one thing, resolve to clear out the clutter in your home. Clutter signifies “baggage” both physical and emotional, that can interfere with our quality of life. You don’t have to do it all in one day. Start small. Start with one room then move to the next. You’ll be surprised at the changes in yourself and your life.

cluttered garage

Have you made any resolutions? If so, what are they? Could Feng Shui help you achieve those resolutions?

For information, tips and suggestions on Feng Shui, check out these websites:




Photo Challenge: A Gathering of Young Men

This is a photo of my son and his friends posing before Prom. (My son is second from the bottom) These young men, weeks away from graduating high school and beginning their adult lives, displayed both their youthful, still mischievous selves and a blossoming maturity.


Here’s the whole rainbow of kids/young adults.


It’s good that these friends keep in contact with social media. The friendships you have in your childhood are among the most important of your lives.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge.

Do you still have friends from school? I have a few, but have lost contact with many old friends. Good thing I have new friends to fill the void 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops, So Silly

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Oops; photographic disasters. To show the less-than-perfect sides of our lives.

Since I haven’t photographed my numerous embarrassing catastrophes, all I could find was a photo taken one day by my son. We were being silly in my library/office taking photos of the newly published author. We were taking sport at the stuffy-philosophic poses that authors occasionally take.

Here is my version:

Silly photo

Do I look intellectual and studious?

Sometimes you just have to let your silly side loose 🙂 Have a silly day!

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Friday Fun Post #20: Christmas Pets

What is cuter than our pets decorated for Christmas? Let these pictures bring a smile to your face today.

Cat with Christmas necklace


black dog in Santa suit


cat in the Christmas tree

This cat is wearing the Christmas tree.


light brown dog in Santa suit


I’ve always wondered what the pets think of being dressed up by humans 🙂 Our cat, Aggie Girl, will not agree to being dressed up. But she loves laying under the tree and any boxes become hers.

cat under the tree


Do you dress up your pets?

I Spy With My Little Eye…

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is Eye Spy. It reminded me of the car game, “I spy with my little eye…” where you pick something out and the others have to ask questions about it until they guess correctly.

So, here are some things I spied with my little eye over the past year:

Stone staircase

Stone staircase on hiking trail at Niagara Falls. Can’t you just feel the coolness?

Baby burrowing owl

The cutest little baby Burrowing Owl at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary.

cell block

Looking down a cell block in the old Eastern Penitentiary, Philadelphia.

Chinatown Friendship Gate

Chinatown Friendship Gate in Philadelphia.

Which one is your favorite? I love them all!

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Friday Fun Post #19: Free!

Another Friday that needs some fun injected into it. So how about some fun for FREE! I found these Christmas wallpapers that are free to download and enjoy:

Christmas Gold & Silver

Christmas Reds

Christmas In Blues

Just type in your search engine “Free Christmas Wallpapers” and then click on an image to view and download.

Of these three examples, which one is your favorite?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset Transition

It’s time for another weekly photo challenge from Daily Post. This week’s theme is transition so I wanted to share my son’s panoramic photos of a sunset over Lake Erie.



There is also the transition of the lake as wave after wave make their subtle changes.




Sorry, this blog post can’t do justice to these panoramic photos, but use your imagination 🙂


Have a great day! And thanks for stopping by.