Weekly Photo Challenge: My State of Mind

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is “State of Mind.” Our state of mind when we take our photos can be glimpsed from the photo itself. This is a snap of a natural water slide at Ohiopyle State Park in lower Pennsylvania. We did watch some kids ride the ‘slide’ but my state of mind while taking this photo was indecision. It looked like so much fun but we are talking about rushing between hard rocks on this slide. I just wasn’t sure if these old bones would take that jolting around and still let me walk away at the end 🙂


Natural waterslide

So, if you are wondering — I didn’t do it. We watched the teenagers ride it and lived vicariously through them.

How about you? Would you have ridden this natural water slide?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My State of Mind

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  2. Linda says:

    This is beautiful, but do people really go down this slide? Looks painful! 😮


    • Yes, they do. They say if you relax your body and keep your legs and arms close to your sides then you flow with the water. Inevitably, you will bump into the rock sides a couple of times but I guess that’s the price of this daring adventure. Mostly guys were doing it. I didn’t see any girls try their luck 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by Linda! Have a great day.


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