4 Funny Jokes To Start Your Weekend

It’s Friday!

We have a big, holiday weekend in front of us but don’t panic…I’ve got your back. Here are 4 funny jokes to keep you laughing:


Q: What’s the difference between love and marriage?

A: Love is blind and marriage is an eye-opener.


Weight Loss

All my life I thought air was free…until I bought a bag of chips.



After waiting two hours for her date, Sarah concluded she’d been stood up. So, she changed into pajamas, made some popcorn and flopped down in front of the TV. Then the doorbell rang–it was her date. He took one look at Sarah and gasped, “You’re still not ready?”


Texting Moms

Mom: Your great-aunt just passed away. LOL.

Son: Why is that funny?

Mom: It’s not funny, David. What do you mean?

Son: Mom, LOL means Laughing Out Loud.

Mom: I thought it meant Lots Of Love. I have to call everyone back.


(*Courtesy of Reader’s Digest – Jokes )


Share these with your friends and I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

To all our military people and families — Thank you!!

Thank You


Love Dance

For poetry with passion and romance, try Hector…

Of Love and Passion


Love Dance


In a dance of colors a feathery display

in this a game of attraction,

words seeking a favorable reaction

to a glimpse of possibilities-

And what I seek but a loving woman

to fill my nights with passion,

 if not love then a warm body,

to carelessly fall

 into my heated arms

for a thousand and one nights

of seductive schemes-

I want to get lost in the charms

of a beautiful woman,

for this dance I will play

all my favorite games

with the brightest colors of all,

hoping love would somehow

find its way to my dreams-


I wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same.”

― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

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