It’s Chinese New Year!

It’s Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year

I love dragons –

golden dragon

My Tribute To Dragons

I enjoy Feng Shui –

Feng Shui For a New Home

Feng Shui For Children

I love bamboo and lotus flowers –

I love to eat with chopsticks –

I love fireworks!


If You Just Can’t Wait For Fireworks…

I also love fortune cookies

(even though I know they were invented in San Francisco)

What do you love that’s Chinese?

I wish everyone a Prosperous & Healthy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year



It’s Almost Here!

It’s almost here!


Chinese New Year 2019!

Chinese New Year

Tuesday, February 5th begins the Year of the Pig

Not Chinese? Doesn’t matter. I like to have tacos on Cinco de Mayo but I’m not Hispanic. I love pierogies even though I’m not Polish. So, I like to celebrate Chinese New Year even though I’m not Chinese. And you can too.

Fireworks are set off at midnight on Chinese New Year’s Eve to “ward off monsters” and bad luck. Then are set off again in the morning to welcome the new year and good luck. I love fireworks!


You get to eat dumplings and/or spring rolls. Yum!

spring rolls

Lots of red decorations. I love the color of red 🙂

Chinese red lanterns

During the festival it is taboo to sweep or clean! Ha, a reason not to clean. What’s better than that? You don’t want to sweep away your good fortune.

push brooms

I also enjoy decorating with Feng Shui in mind. Not familiar with Feng Shui? Check out this link and this link.

Here are some of my previous Feng Shui posts:

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So what do you like best about Chinese New Year? Have you ever celebrated the holiday? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to hear it.

In Case You Missed It … 2018

2018 is almost done and 2019 is approaching fast.

So, while we are still here in 2018 let’s recap. “In case you missed” any of these…

2018 with fireworks

Feng Shui

Want a Lucky 2018?



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It’s Blogiversary Time! 5 Years!


I thank all my followers and visitors for your support and friendship through 2018.

I hope meet and connect with even more of you in 2019!

Want A Lucky 2018?

Want a lucky 2018? Why not try a few of these tips…

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arrangement in relation to the flow of energy.

Feng Shui

(To learn more about Feng Shui, check out the sites listed at the end of this post)

Lucky Colors to wear for 2018

The lucky colors for this year are of the Earth and Fire element:

Terracotta (Clay)
Light Yellow


Mix these colors in your outfits and you may swing some luck your way this year. Nervous about a big interview or presentation? Why not use these colors to help boost your confidence?

paint palette

Tips for the home or office:

  • Clutter is a no-no. The secret to good energy is flow. It needs to flow through your house or office without running into too many obstacles. So, clean out your house or office of unnecessary or broken items. I could never be 100% a minimalist but I know I feel better when my house is cleared of clutter. cluttered room
  • Get rid of negative energy. You should not keep any items that have negative memories attached to them. A souvenir from a trip with an ex-boyfriend or an old cast from your broken leg while on a ski trip, can all promote negative energy for you. Throw them away. Try to keep only items that have happy memories attached or items representing a goal you wish to achieve.
  • Let the fresh air in! Nothing dissolves stale energy like fresh air. I know people who never crack a window – it’s either the heat or air system on all year-long. Fresh air brings much-needed humidity into the dry winter air and in the summer you need to sweep out allergens and dust to sleep better. Figure out the direction of your wind and open the windows in that direction and directly opposite to create a refreshing cross breeze. open window
  • Let the sun shine in. Let as much natural light into your house or office to raise your mood and flood the space with positive energy. If you have a room with no windows or an inadequate window, you can still mimic natural light with light-colored walls and decor items such as a poster of a bright sunny day. Banish the doom and gloom from your world! sunshineThese are just a few things you can do to improve your life energy. If you try any of these tips, be sure to let me know how it goes for you.


To read some of my other Feng Shui sites, check these out:

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To learn more about Feng Shui and what it can do for you, check out these sites:

Know Feng Shui

Feng Shui For Real Life


I wish everyone a positive and lucky 2018!

How To Feng Shui A New Home

If anyone else is in the same boat as we are, moving into a new home, these Feng Shui tips could help make the transition smoother.  Feng Shui is all about balancing the energy in a room, house or office. Even if we aren’t aware of it, humans are influenced and affected by the arrangement of things and colors around us.


To learn more about Feng Shui, try these sites:

To Feng Shui your new home:

  1. Clean the house, inside and out. Everyone would do well to start living in a clean environment. Open the windows to let fresh air throughout the house for at least nine minutes to clear out any negativity.
  2. Orange Essential Oil. Sprinkle, diffuse or spray a little orange essential oil throughout the house to encourage positivism.  essential oils
  3. Bless or Dedicate the house. This can range from having your pastor or priest come and bless the house to you going clockwise room to room and focusing on the happy memories you will create in your new house.
  4. Pay particular attention to the kitchen. A good, strong kitchen will ensure health and happiness for all who live or visit the house. Add a few fresh herb plants, keep a fruit bowl filled with fresh, colorful fruit on the table and keep the kitchen clean and bright.  kitchen

These tips will get you started. If you’re interested in tips on arranging furniture, you can visit these sites:

or read some of my past posts:

Feng Shui for Summer

Feng Shui Animals

If you have any other new house tips, I’d love to hear them.

tiny house

Creating an Optimal Dining Experience with Feng Shui

Let Feng Shui help you have a wonderful Thanksgiving…

Feng Shui that Makes Sense by Cathleen McCandless

frog thanksgiving

This article is taken from my November 2016 Newsletter. To read the newsletter, please click here.

Thanksgiving time and on that day most Americans will be sitting around a table sharing a wonderful meal and giving thanks for all their blessings. When you’ve been lovingly cooking all day long, you want the meal to not only taste good, but be a wonderful experience for everyone there. While feng shui can’t do much to change whether or not you’re a great cook, it can help create an ambience that will make the meal even better. Feng Shui goes beyond how things look (and taste), and addresses how things feel. So with that knowledge in mind, here are some quick and easy ways to make your Thanksgiving meal (or any meal for that matter) as excellent as possible.

Table Shape
Most of the time a formal meal takes place around a rectangular-shaped table. While

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Feng Shui – Intuitive Collage

Making an intuitive collage sounds like so much fun and I can definitely see the benefits. I will be making mine. Let me know how yours goes!

Feng Shui Steps

Feng Shui intuitive collage

When you don’t know what to do anymore… when you think that you are stuck in life… it is perfect timing for an intuitive Feng Shui collage! 🙂

Group with collage w

You can do this by yourself or invite some friends over, they’ll bring their own magazines and you’ll mix them all together!

My recipe is simple:

1. – Answer my Feng Shui Life Quiz to determine which area(s) of your life needs a boost ! Email me roseline (at) and ask me for your free copy of my Feng Shui Life Quiz. The 9 areas of my Feng Shui Life Quiz correspond each to a part of your life (just like the Magic Square of Feng Shui).

2. –   Where you scored the weakest points, prepare 5 affirmations for scores below 8 or 10 points. Yes, you may have more than one or two weak scores indeed! – so you may…

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Feng Shui for Children

Have children? Here are a few tips to create a happy, nurturing environment for them. Do you have tips to add? Please comment and share them.

Feng Shui that Makes Sense by Cathleen McCandless

This article was taken from my June 2016 newsletter. All material is copyright protected and may not be copied without written consent. To read the newsletter, please click here.

In addition to this article, more information on feng shui can be found in my #1 best-selling book, Feng Shui that Makes Sense.


Ten Ways to Help You Create an Optimal Environment for Your Child

While most feng shui information pertains to adult living and working environments, children can also benefit by applying feng shui principles to their sleeping, studying, and playing areas. Below you’ll find great feng shui tips for making your child’s room a nurturing place of happiness and comfort.

1. Wall Color
Color choices are highly subjective, but one study shows that rooms that are painted bright yellow tend to increase tension. Babies cry louder, longer, and more often in bright lemon yellow rooms and adults tend to argue more often in…

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Crucial Factors for Feng Shui Success

Cathleen makes Feng Shui so simple!

Feng Shui that Makes Sense by Cathleen McCandless

The article below is taken from my March 2016 newsletter. To read the newsletter, click here. Please note that this blog, and content in the newsletter are copyright protected. No material may be copied without permission.

Feng Shui is not an exact science, nor can it grant your every wish. What it can do is free up the energy to help things in your life run more smoothly and in a more positive direction. I’ve found from doing this work for over 20 years and with over 1,000 consultations, that when done properly, feng shui can truly help us to live a happier, healthier, and more successful life. The key words here are when done properly. In this article, I’m going to point out five important things to bear in mind when applying feng shui principles to your home.

1. You MUST have an accurate floor plan and accurate compass directions. 

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