Photo Challenge: How to See Narrow in Wide Open Spaces

This week’s Daily Post’s photo challenge is Narrow. Being somewhat claustrophobic, I generally like wide open spaces. However, in those wide open spaces there is also many narrow things.

Such as:

stone stairway

A narrow stone stairway in the beautiful Letchworth State Park in New York.

cabinet handers

New, narrow cabinet handles we added during our weekend kitchen makeover.

Natural waterslide

A narrow, natural water slide in Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania.

tall trees

The tall, narrow trees behind my son in the Allegheny National Forest in New York.

lookout in West Virginia

The long narrow bridge to the outlook at Cooper’s Rock State Park in West Virginia.

So, don’t let claustrophobia keep you from enjoying the narrow things in life 🙂



10 Websites To Learn Something New In 30 Minutes A Day…

I love to learn new things but who has enough time to learn everything they want? In America’s style of wanting things instantly, this blog post has some really cool websites to learn things in 30 minutes or less. Categories with something for everyone. Do let me know what you check out and how it works for you!


Learning something new is always an exciting endeavour to commence. The problem is that most of us get wrapped up in busy distractions throughout the day so that we can never find the time to learn the new skill we want.

What’s worse is that some of us spend hours learning this new skill only to give up after a few months, which is precious time that goes down the toilet.

Luckily, there’s a better solution.

Instead of using our time to sit through long lectures and lengthy video courses, we can take advantage of all the amazing websites that can help uslearn a new skill in 30 minutes or less.

We’ve collected the best sites that teach a diversified list of topics and have decided to share them with you here today. Enjoy!

1. Lynda

Estimated time: 20-30 mins
Topics: Business, marketing, design, software tools

Get access to 1,000s of courses…

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What Makes My “Cherry on Top!”

This week’s Daily Post’s photo challenge is what makes your “cherry on top.” Taking something good and making it that much better with a cherry on top.

My family LOVES to go camping and a big part of camping is hiking. There’s nothing better than hiking in the woods, which can be up to 10 degrees cooler with the sun just filtering through the tall, stately trees. I love seeing the birds, squirrels, lizards and sometimes even a snake. (And in case you think I’m brave – I’m not! These are little garter snakes)

hiking in the woods

And what makes a good hike through the woods even better? Coming across a creek with a waterfall!

climbing behind a waterfall

Especially a waterfall you can climb behind (Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania). The mist from the water makes everything around it feel so cool, a welcome experience after hiking.

So that’s my “cherry on top” – a waterfall at the end of a hike in the woods.

What’s yours?


Feng Shui – Intuitive Collage

Making an intuitive collage sounds like so much fun and I can definitely see the benefits. I will be making mine. Let me know how yours goes!

Feng Shui Steps

Feng Shui intuitive collage

When you don’t know what to do anymore… when you think that you are stuck in life… it is perfect timing for an intuitive Feng Shui collage! 🙂

Group with collage w

You can do this by yourself or invite some friends over, they’ll bring their own magazines and you’ll mix them all together!

My recipe is simple:

1. – Answer my Feng Shui Life Quiz to determine which area(s) of your life needs a boost ! Email me roseline (at) and ask me for your free copy of my Feng Shui Life Quiz. The 9 areas of my Feng Shui Life Quiz correspond each to a part of your life (just like the Magic Square of Feng Shui).

2. –   Where you scored the weakest points, prepare 5 affirmations for scores below 8 or 10 points. Yes, you may have more than one or two weak scores indeed! – so you may…

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Photo Challenge: Opposites Attract

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge deals with opposites. The most opposite things I know of, would have to be my husband and me. Even though we are like night and day we’ve been together over 30 years 🙂


Jim at Niagara Falls

My husband, Jim


  • likes to stay up late and sleep in
  • likes AC/DC, Metallica & country music
  • likes to drink beer
  • is a carnivore
  • likes movies over books
Me at Niagara Falls



  • fall asleep before 11 and get up by 7
  • like Duran Duran, Rolling Stones and classical music
  • can’t drink more than a 1/2 a glass of wine
  • am a vegetarian
  • like books over movies

Yet despite these differences (and more) we have survived some difficult years – together. Not only do opposites attract, they can also make a winning combination.

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