Blogs I Follow

Stone bridge over canal in Beijing Black Bamboo Forest









Gin Giles:

The Romaniacs:


airplane wing





Canadian travel bugs:

I do wander everywhere:

Kayaks, canoes and shoes:

Laura at This Island Life:

My anxious adventures:

Travel Tales of Life:

Travel the world:

The Snow Melts Somewhere:










China & Hong Kong

Alan P. in Hong Kong:

From the US to Hong Kong:

My Hong Kong Husband:

Nifty Pifty, Life in Hong Kong is pretty nifty:

Still Times – Our China and Life Adventures:


yin yang symbol






Feng Shui



Yoga at the beach







A wandering yogi:

Yoga Lyndz:


Aggie condensed







Amy Shojai:

Bailey Boat Cat:


The Mad Hooligan Chronicles:

Two Cats Views:







Books & Writing

Create a Beautiful Life:

Dollops of Heedful Ramblings:

Ester Newton Blog:

Life of a Female Bibliophile:

Only 100 words:

A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales:



Cambodian Beginnings: Cambodian Beginnings



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