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I love flowers. So when I came across this fun post, I had to share it with you.


The word blossom brings to mind a rosebud slowing unfurling, one tender petal at a time, until it turns to face the sun as a glorious, fragrant bloom. Of course, not all blooms are roses. The top ten ugly plants, according to the Daily Telegraph, include “the stinky squid” (first discovered in Pittsburgh), the corpse […]

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Photo Challenge: Jubilant!

This week’s Daily Post’s photo challenge is Jubilant!

King of the hill

Cory as King of the Hill – Thunder Rocks, Allegheny National Forest


book release party

Robert and I at my first book release party!


cat in a box

Aggie excited at Christmas – boxes, bows and crackly tissue paper!


Rocky statue

Jim finally seeing the “Rocky Steps” in Philadelphia


Watch out, jubilance can happen at any time or place 🙂

What makes you jubilant?

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Photo Challenge: Face

This week’s Daily Post’s Photo Challenge is to celebrate our many faces. So, here are faces familiar to me 🙂


Our sweet Aggie Girl has a beautiful face that sometimes looks like she’s smiling.

tree manThis guy is made from the roots of a tree in Cooper’s Rock State Park in West Virginia.


Look at that happy face! Doesn’t it make you smile?

What kinds of things make you smile? Comment and share with me.


Our Kitchen Makeover – Part 2

If you’ve been following my blog, you know we are pulling up roots and moving to North Carolina. My last post was on the first part of our weekend kitchen makeover, before putting the house on the market.  We had removed all the cabinet doors and hardware, then painted them a lighter shade, using Rust-Oleum’s kit for kitchen cabinets.

cabinet doors

If you haven’t read the first post, click Giving Our Kitchen a Makeover.

While the kitchen was torn apart, we also installed new counter tops.

counter top

Krissy striking a pose

Krissy striking a pose while keeping the counter top seam together.

Of course, unconnecting the sink produced a plumbing issue that had to be addressed with a new pipe and clamps.

Then it was time to put the dishwasher back in.

Jim peeking over the dishwasher.

Jim peeking over the dishwasher. If you hadn’t guessed, my job was mostly photographer and gopher 🙂

It had come out easily, but they had a bear of a time getting it back in and balanced.

I was able to put everything back into my cabinets, but had to wait three days before reattaching the doors, giving them time to cure. Otherwise, anytime you bumped them, the paint could dent or nick.

So, finally, here is the end result:




I think it looks pretty professional. (High five to John & Krissy, we couldn’t have done it without you!)

Here’s an up close view of the wood grain and new cabinet handles:


So even if you won’t be selling your house, you too, can spruce up your kitchen, for very little money.

Any one else remodeling? Care to share success stories or nightmares? Love to hear them.