This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is to show Variations on a Theme.

So, here are some photos we took of my son 3 or 4 summers ago at Allegheny National Forest in New York.

boy on rock


boy in the woods


boy on large rock


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Photo Challenge: Scenes From Atop

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Atop. I’ve always liked to climb up high and look down. Perhaps it’s because I’m only 5′ 1″ so most of my life is spent looking up 🙂

I took this looking out our hotel room on the 18th floor over Philadelphia, one Sunday morning.

city at morning time

I took this at the top of a waterfall in Letchworth State Park, NY.


This one was looking down from the top of Niagara Falls, NY.

Niagara Falls

This is my son atop the rocks at Thunder Rocks in Allegheny State Park, NY.

rock climbing

Have a great day from wherever you are atop.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is anticipation. Since 2016 saw us moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, I am definitely anticipating a few things for 2017.

A new rescue kitty (or two):


A new house with a sun room/screened-in porch and 2 car garage for my husband to tinker on his cars.

screened in porch

And finally, a book contract for my second novel: 2 Cats, a Bodyguard & an Heiress


Hope everyone gets what they are anticipating!

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Photo Challenge: Let’s Hear It For Tiny!

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is right up my alley with life in a tiny way. Besides being called tiny myself, I enjoy creating miniature worlds. Miniature dollhouses, miniature beach house, miniature boat house and miniature woodland scene all 1:12 inch scale. Someday I will jump into an even smaller scale, 1:24.

Some of my tiny projects:

woodland scene

My woodland scene with a mouse house

Victorian cottage dollhouse

My Victorian cottage which houses a Confederate General’s widow and her 12 cats

beach house

This is the tiny beach house I will be working on this winter

Anyone else like miniatures?

Photo Challenge: How to See Narrow in Wide Open Spaces

This week’s Daily Post’s photo challenge is Narrow. Being somewhat claustrophobic, I generally like wide open spaces. However, in those wide open spaces there is also many narrow things.

Such as:

stone stairway

A narrow stone stairway in the beautiful Letchworth State Park in New York.

cabinet handers

New, narrow cabinet handles we added during our weekend kitchen makeover.

Natural waterslide

A narrow, natural water slide in Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania.

tall trees

The tall, narrow trees behind my son in the Allegheny National Forest in New York.

lookout in West Virginia

The long narrow bridge to the outlook at Cooper’s Rock State Park in West Virginia.

So, don’t let claustrophobia keep you from enjoying the narrow things in life 🙂



Photo Challenge: Opposites Attract

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge deals with opposites. The most opposite things I know of, would have to be my husband and me. Even though we are like night and day we’ve been together over 30 years 🙂


Jim at Niagara Falls

My husband, Jim


  • likes to stay up late and sleep in
  • likes AC/DC, Metallica & country music
  • likes to drink beer
  • is a carnivore
  • likes movies over books
Me at Niagara Falls



  • fall asleep before 11 and get up by 7
  • like Duran Duran, Rolling Stones and classical music
  • can’t drink more than a 1/2 a glass of wine
  • am a vegetarian
  • like books over movies

Yet despite these differences (and more) we have survived some difficult years – together. Not only do opposites attract, they can also make a winning combination.

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Photo Challenge: Partners

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is on partners. Here are my partnerships:


reading at the beach

Me and a book – lifetime partners


Jim and I

My husband and I – lifetime partners



Gargoyles guarding the old prison



Partnership of these penguins and their handler at Pittsburgh National Aviary


cat in a box

Aggie and her boxes – partners for life


What are some of your partnerships?

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