Photo Challenge: Scenes From Atop

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Atop. I’ve always liked to climb up high and look down. Perhaps it’s because I’m only 5′ 1″ so most of my life is spent looking up 🙂

I took this looking out our hotel room on the 18th floor over Philadelphia, one Sunday morning.

city at morning time

I took this at the top of a waterfall in Letchworth State Park, NY.


This one was looking down from the top of Niagara Falls, NY.

Niagara Falls

This is my son atop the rocks at Thunder Rocks in Allegheny State Park, NY.

rock climbing

Have a great day from wherever you are atop.

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What Makes My “Cherry on Top!”

This week’s Daily Post’s photo challenge is what makes your “cherry on top.” Taking something good and making it that much better with a cherry on top.

My family LOVES to go camping and a big part of camping is hiking. There’s nothing better than hiking in the woods, which can be up to 10 degrees cooler with the sun just filtering through the tall, stately trees. I love seeing the birds, squirrels, lizards and sometimes even a snake. (And in case you think I’m brave – I’m not! These are little garter snakes)

hiking in the woods

And what makes a good hike through the woods even better? Coming across a creek with a waterfall!

climbing behind a waterfall

Especially a waterfall you can climb behind (Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania). The mist from the water makes everything around it feel so cool, a welcome experience after hiking.

So that’s my “cherry on top” – a waterfall at the end of a hike in the woods.

What’s yours?


Every Day is Earth Day to Me

Happy Earth Day everyone! Loving nature as I do, every day is Earth Day to me.

Let’s celebrate with photos of this wonderful place we call Earth.

me on big rocks

Me at Thunder Rocks, Allegheny State Park, NY


Cooper’s Rock State Park overlook, WV


Waterfall at Letchworth State Park, NY


Me at Lake Erie, PA


My son climbing behind a waterfall at Ohiopyle State Park, PA


Our summer home


What can we do to support our Earth?

  • recycle & reuse
  • conserve water & electricity
  • carpool or walk whenever possible
  • use natural products instead of chemicals
  • eat organic

How about it? What else can we add to the list?