Spring, a Time To Recycle

Both Earth Day and the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge put me in the mood to talk about recycling, re-purposing and reused.

If you stop and think about it, just about everything can be recycled, re-purposed and reused.

  • Old bed sheets can be cut up for cleaning and garage rags.
  • Used tea bags can deodorize sneakers and boots. (For more uses see 5 Uses for Used Tea Bags )
  • The brown paper used as packing in delivery boxes can be turned into wrapping paper that kids can color on or a free toy cats can play with for days.


    What looks like droplets to Quinn’s face is from the sun through the window blinds.

  • Empty milk jugs and pop bottles can be made into bird feeders.
  • Donate gently used items to your local thrift stores for others to reuse. The picture you’ve had hanging in your entryway for the last decade can be donated and exchanged for a picture that hung in someone else’s entryway for the same decade. It doesn’t have to be brand new, just new to you 🙂

The Internet and especially Pinterest is a great source for finding DIY projects from recycled articles.

Check out my Recycle & Reuse board on Pinterest.com.

Here are some more boards I follow:

Recycle Repurpose

Repurpose & Recycle

Here are a couple good websites I’ve used:

Bored Panda


DIY & Crafts

So tell me what you have recycled or re-purposed?

Each time you think before throwing something away can make a difference to the earth.

Earth in a hand


5 Uses for Used Tea Bags

I love tea and drink it everyday. So … what do you do with all those used tea bags?

tea cup with bag

I am a really big supporter of a recycle & reuse lifestyle so here are 5 uses for steeped tea bags:

1. Cleaning – The astringents in tea cuts through grease so use them to clean your pots and pans.



2. Deodorizing – Tea bags absorb odors so you can use them to get fish/onion/garlic odors off your hands. You can also stick them (once dried) in stinking sneakers to refresh them. Of course, if they’re this bad maybe you should just fill them with dirt and plant flowers in them.

Smelly sneakers



3. Gardening – Tea is very acidic and full of nutrients so add them to your compost pile, but make sure the bags are made of biodegradable materials and organic. They can also be used as a drainage layer in pots.

Girl Planting Seeds


4. Grooming – Tea has relaxing and soothing properties so throw a few bags in your bath next time and enjoy!



5. Healing – Tea has many healing benefits so use the wet (but not hot) bags on your tired eyes, sunburn, insect bites or minor burns. You could also bite down on them to help speed the healing of canker sores.



Does anyone else have uses for our used tea bags? I’d love to hear them.

Sources: http://www.teatulia.com and diycozyhome.com


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