Photo Challenge: Ahhh, So Serene

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Serene.

This is a perfect time of the year for a serene post. We are entering in, if we aren’t already immersed into, the hectic-hair-pulling-coffee-guzzling time of the holidays.

So here are a few of my favorite serene photos:



wooded path



I wish everyone a very serene weekend!


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Photo Challenge: I Love Bridges!

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is bridges.

I have always loved bridges, the large, high ones that span rivers and highways down to the small, low ones crossing a creek in the woods. They are like tickets to another place you would ordinarily have to swim or fly to and, possibly because I’m petite, I’ve always like to be up high and look down.



stone bridge


wooden bridge


Which bridge do you like the most?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant to Chase Away the Winter Blues

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is for vibrant photos to chase away the drab winter blues. I am a northerner of the US who deals with the winter drabs by turning on lights and wearing bright clothes. So, this photo challenge really brightened my day!

Hopefully, I can brighten someone else’s day.

prom group

My son’s prom group in a rainbow of dresses.


colorful bird

A rainbow-colored bird at the National Aviary



An Iris from my garden last summer.



My friend’s flower.


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