Photo Challenge: How Do You Relax?

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is about relaxing. Everyone has to find their own way to relax from the stress of everyday life. Below are a few of the ways I relax 🙂

  • I love to go hiking through the woods and climb on rocks. Fresh air, sunshine, nature…what’s not to like.

woods and rocks


  • I took lessons from our Aggie Girl, who was an expert on relaxation. (She has recently passed away)  cat on bookshelf


  • I enjoy doing yoga to stretch my body and quiet my mind. I even had a yoga buddy.  cat on yoga mat


  • Reading relaxes me. I like to escape into the story.  reading on the beach

What are some of your ways to relax?


Weekly Photo Challenge: My Happy Place

Wow, this weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post is right up my alley! I love to show my happy places.

I love camping in the woods and this is in Cooper’s Rock State Park in West Virginia. Naturally, while camping we do a lot of hiking where your only companions are the trees, flowers and wildlife. So peaceful. No traffic noises, no crowds.

Cooper's Rock, WV Camping Trip 020

Cooper's Rock, WV Camping Trip 008

Cooper's Rock, WV Camping Trip 014

I love this guy!

I love this guy!

Anyone else love to hike or camp?