Beauty After Breast Cancer

A powerful post about beauty after breast cancer. Do breasts alone determine our beauty? Are women less feminine without them? What are your thoughts?

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Beauty is more than a skinny body, fancy clothes, and makeup. Going through cancer can put your body through harsh treatments and sometimes multiple surgeries. Some lose their hair, some have only the spot where the cancer is removed, and some have both breasts removed. Radiation and chemotherapy are harsh treatments. Going through these treatments and surgeries can make you feel ugly and less like a woman.


When I was given the choice to have a mastectomy, I thought I had to have reconstruction to keep my beauty. I thought I’d be less of a woman without breasts. After the surgery it took me a while to look at my chest or look at myself shirtless in a mirror. I was afraid to see the scars where my breasts used to be. I was afraid I would look ugly and disfigured. When I finally looked at my chest, I cried.

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Tea is For Beauty – Inside and Out

Using tea as a beauty treatment is far from new. Being rich in antioxidants, many cultures have used tea to improve their health and beauty for centuries.


We’ll start with beauty treatments for the outside:

You can use tea to cool down sunburned skin. 

sunburnWhenever you forget your sun protection or take a little too much sun, wet a few tea bags, squeeze out the excess liquid and apply to the affected skin (make sure it isn’t too warm). If you need more than a few tea bags, drop several tea bags into a bath and soak for 10 minutes.


You can use tea to relieve puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes.

tea bags for eyesSoak a couple of tea bags in warm water and place over your eyes for 20 minutes. The tannin in the tea will reduce puffiness and soothe tired eyes. The caffeine in the tea will help to shrink the blood vessels under the skin, thus eliminating dark circles under the eyes.



You can use tea to soothe razor burn.

shaverWet tea bags will soothe the burn and painful nicks and cuts from shaving. Apply a warm tea bag to the affected area and feel the relief.



You can use tea to color your hair. 

To make your own hair color treatment –

  1. Steep 3 tea bags (or the equivalent amount of loose tea leaves) in 1 cup boiling water.
  2. Let stand overnight then strain.
  3. Shampoo as usual then pour tea over your hair, being sure to really saturate your hair.
  4. Blot with a towel but do not rinse. It may take several treatments to gain desired look.

tea for hair

This hair treatment will not turn black hair into blonde, but will enhance the natural highlights in hair. If you are a blonde, use Chamomile tea. If you are a redhead use Rooibos tea and black hair will benefit with using Black tea with Sage. This natural hair color will also work on those pesky gray hairs.

You can use tea to condition dry hair.

dry hairUse 1 quart (liter) of warm, unsweetened tea as a final rinse after shampooing your hair.



You can use tea to treat acne.

teenagersGreen tea works on acne both internally and externally. Internally, drink 2 to 3 cups a day. Externally, boil tea leaves then cool until warm. Dip a clean cloth into the tea and apply to the face and other areas. Tap gently for 15 to 20 minutes. Do these treatments for a couple of weeks and you should see quite an improvement.


Tea has hundreds of health benefits when consumed.

All teas have these health benefits:

  • helps with weight loss and weight management
  • detoxifies body
  • helps prevent cancers
  • increases bone strength
  • reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases

Each tea has individual health benefits:

tea - green

Green Tea increases metabolism, lowers blood pressure and heals acne.

tea -black

Black Tea manages or prevents diabetes, protects against plague and tooth decay.


tea - oolong china

Oolong Tea lowers the risk of high blood pressure and improves eczema.

tea - rooibos

Rooibos Tea (my personal favorite) improves liver health, is naturally caffeine-free, calms and helps with insomnia, can ease headaches and relieve allergy and hay fever symptoms.

So what is your favorite tea or tea treatment?

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