New Year – New Look

Happy New Year everyone!

Use the new year as a clean slate, the possibilities are endless. One of my plans is to update, freshen and spruce up my websites and blogs.

painter penquin

I’m the type to move furniture around every couple of months and change my desktop designs more often than I change my socks (just kidding). So sprucing up your online presence keeps things fresh and professional.

You can take this updating and sprucing concept into all facets of your life.

  • Changing your wardrobe does not require spending oodles of money. Just deciding to add a rainbow of scarfs to your outfits or accessorizing with colorful jewelry will give you a fresh look.  scarf
  • A simple can of paint can transform a room, even if you only paint an accent wall. Can’t paint? Changing your curtains, throw pillows or bed linens can work just as well. *Remember: Recycle and Reuse! Check out thrift and resale stores for cheaper options and reduce your carbon footprint.*
  • Change the direction you drive to work.  hippy van
  • Change your hairstyle, hair color or highlights. Are you a closet red-head or willing to add purple highlights? Go as daring as you want. Even lightening your hair a few shades could give you a lift.  pink hair
  • Spruce up your love life with fresh, new lingerie; lace, leather, white, black, see-thru…whatever you feel sexy in.

So what will you change in 2017?

To see what I’m doing on my other websites: (be sure to let me know what you think!)

Here’s to a wonderful, fresh 2017!




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