Relax At The Zoo To Help Conquer Stress

Do you have stress? What a stupid question, right? Everyone has stress in their lives, but sometimes that stress begins to get out of control. Job loss, health scares and death of a loved one can all boost your stress level sky-high. Unfortunately, these stress triggers are a part of life and we need to deal with them in a healthy way.

This blog post shows one of the many healthy ways I deal with my stress. It’s not going to resolve whatever issues you may be going through, but taking a few hours to enjoy life will lower not only your stress levels but also blood pressure levels.

Let’s go to the zoo!


North Carolina Zoo – Asheboro

We are enjoying the sunshine down here in our new home state of North Carolina so we headed to Asheboro to get up close with our wild sides. My husband knows of my love of zoos so we bought a ‘companion’ zoo membership for only $79 (two adult day tickets run $30). Which means we can go to most any zoo/aquarium nationwide and get in for free or at least a discount. I plan to get my money’s worth before November 2017 🙂

This zoo covers 500 acres with plants, art and spacious natural habitat exhibits, so you will walk about 5 miles covering the whole zoo. Whew! what a workout. There is a tram system that will take you between major sections of the zoo but it runs on the service road so you won’t see any animals while on the tram. They also rent strollers, wheelchairs and those electric mobility chairs.

bear art

First time I’ve ever been this close to a bear 🙂

We followed the zoo’s tip to best see the whole zoo in one day and after entering the gate, we rode the tram to the center of the zoo and started our walk in the Africa region. This area houses gorillas, lemurs, lions, ostriches, elephants and so many more animals.



Here’s a helicopter that would be used on safari to monitor animals. It was mainly for the kids to climb on but I couldn’t resist climbing in myself.


There is also a Zoofari which will take you around the 40 acre safari area to see gazelles, antelopes, rhinoceroses and more for an extra charge of $12 (if I remember correctly). We didn’t ride because the sign said it runs in the morning only (not sure if that was because it was November).

Since we went in November, many of the roadside food carts were closed for the season. One we really wished was open was a pizza oven on the back of an old truck. Jim was more interested in the truck, being the car guy he is 🙂


At the center of the zoo is the Air Hike Ropes Course, an elevated course to test your balance and climbing skills. This was closed on the Wednesday we went to the zoo. Not sure if open only weekends during non-peak dates. This is also an additional fee but looked really fun!

climbing fun

climbing fun

climbing fun

Back at the center we headed to the North America region which houses ocelots, wolves, grizzly bears, alligators, cougars and more.

More art

More art


I love owls!

About halfway through the North American region we checked the time and discovered we only had an hour to tour the rest of the exhibits before they would either lock us in with the animals or kick us out. So, we had to move quicker to see everything and still have time to purchase my t-shirt. I wear a lot of t-shirt advertising places we’ve visited.


When we got back to the truck it felt good to sit down after all that walking but I couldn’t believe how quickly the day went by. What a great way to relax and de-stress. After recharging your battery, you’ll be better able to handle your stress period.

To find out more about this zoo or to donate, check out their website: North Carolina Zoo

To view more of our de-stressing trips, check out Whirlwind Weekend in Philly and Getting Wet at Niagara Falls

Where do you like to go to de-stress and recharge? It can be near or far.


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