How To Look At Age With Grace And Pride

Such a beautiful way to look at aging.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

When I was twenty, I thought thirty was old,
then I became thirty and it wasn’t so bad.
Lo Presto! Forty came calling and looks good on me,
that now I realize fifty isn’t old at all.

I realized that age flies and are only numbers when you count,
‘cos these numbers don’t depict the essence of who you are
and the miles you’ve walked in life.

I’ll embrace fifty when it does come round
with grace and a lot of gratitude
for to age is a blessing
that many don’t live to see.

Fifty, The Daily Post

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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3 thoughts on “How To Look At Age With Grace And Pride

  1. When I was 17 I worked in a nursing home. One day I overheard a conversation one of the patients was having with a visitor. She said, “It didn’t bother me to turn 70, and 80 was a breeze. I confess, though, when I turned 90 I became a bit concerned.” She was 96 at the time…a delightful woman. I will never forget her words. This post reminded me of that beautiful moment that happened right about 40 years ago. I am 57 now and loving it.


  2. Thank you dear Dominik for the generous reblog.


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