Photo Challenge: Opposites Attract

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge deals with opposites. The most opposite things I know of, would have to be my husband and me. Even though we are like night and day we’ve been together over 30 years 🙂


Jim at Niagara Falls

My husband, Jim


  • likes to stay up late and sleep in
  • likes AC/DC, Metallica & country music
  • likes to drink beer
  • is a carnivore
  • likes movies over books
Me at Niagara Falls



  • fall asleep before 11 and get up by 7
  • like Duran Duran, Rolling Stones and classical music
  • can’t drink more than a 1/2 a glass of wine
  • am a vegetarian
  • like books over movies

Yet despite these differences (and more) we have survived some difficult years – together. Not only do opposites attract, they can also make a winning combination.

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One thought on “Photo Challenge: Opposites Attract

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