Selling Your House is Like Picking Your Nose in Public

Currently, we are selling our house to be able to relocate south. This is the first time we’ve ever sold a house, so all this ‘fun’ is new to us. We’ve spent a couple months de-cluttering (see post Clutter: Where did it all come from? ), fixing minor tasks and updating (see post Giving our kitchen a makeover) and now we are in the selling phase.

for sale sign

There are so many decisions to be made:

  • Pick a realtor among hundreds of qualified people
  • Decide on a listing price after researching current market values and trends
  • Staging the house for photos
  • Deciding where to go with an indoor cat while the realtor shows your house to buyers 🙂

I never realized that selling your house would be like picking your nose in public. In other words: EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR BUSINESS. They not only know all about your finances, as regards the house and property, but they also get to walk through your home, peeking in your cabinets and closets.

That means no more hiding your grungy 1980 collection of Tupperware containers because you’re too cheap and lazy to buy new ones. And no more shoving clutter into your closets every time the in-laws should up. Your cabinets and closets must look as if you are a frugal and organized person, even if you are far from it 🙂


Then there’s the weeks of waiting, just waiting for that sweet offer. The waiting is frustrating, let me tell you. House buyers expect to find a house instantly perfect to suit them, right down to the wall color and lighting arrangement. That’s what Lowes and Home Depot are for people!

Anyone have any house selling tips for us?

Signed Pulling My Hair Out in Pennsylvania



10 thoughts on “Selling Your House is Like Picking Your Nose in Public

  1. Good luck with your house sale, hope it goes by swiftly without being too stressful.


  2. Selling a home is so stressful! I used relaxing essential oils when viewers came. Made us all feel a bit more relaxed 😊 Hope it sells soon


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  4. GeorgieMoon says:

    Did you sell it? I’m in the same position as you, my house went on the market in the U.K. three weeks ago, but only three viewers so far, I believe the agent has over-priced it. Now he has contacted me to suggest a price reduction to what I thought it was worth in the first place! It’s so stressful, isn’t it?


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