The Future of My Clutter

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is entitled Future. In my immediate future, there is a huge adventure coming up. My family has decided to relocate South. New job, new town, new everything.

With the decision to move, comes putting up the house for sale and in order to do that I need to de-clutter and downsize.


My office/library has become the room where my donation pile rests, waiting for the weekly trip to our local thrift store. 

So while thinking of our future, I’ve also wondered about the future of my donation items. I like to think another family will pick up the picture frame I no longer need and hang it in their house with a picture that speaks to them. Or some child will enjoy the board games my boys have outgrown.

Recycle – reuse is the future!

To read my post on making a life-altering decision, click Big Decisions Can Be Scary.


7 thoughts on “The Future of My Clutter

  1. csroth3 says:

    I’m going through the same thing, making bi-monthly trips to Savers to donate my clutter.


    • I’m glad to hear that. So many people told me, they threw out so much stuff before moving. It’s a shame when someone else could have used that stuff. Thanks for stopping by and sharing 🙂 Have a great day.


  2. Just think – you are giving new life to all those items. 🙂


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  4. This inspires me to clean. Good luck on your move.


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