Weekly Photo Challenge: A New Spring in My Life

The Daily Post offers weekly photo challenges and this week is to show the current season’s weather you’re experiencing or a metaphor for the current ‘season’ of your life. I chose to show the current season of my life. I am in a new ‘spring’ of my life.

snowy day

This may be the current season where I live, but like winter I am feeling excited to wake up and grow under the sun’s warmth. There are about to be some major changes in my personal life, including a long distance move from a cold climate to a much warmer climate. My family and I are looking at these changes in our lives as a new and exciting adventure.

red flower

I feel as if this change will be a new spring in my lifetime; a time of rebirth and renewal.

What season are you in (physically or metaphorically) ?


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A New Spring in My Life

  1. Success Strategies says:

    I love your excitement of spring time in your life. A season of rebirth and renewal. Keep the positive glow.


  2. Saz says:

    Ooh hope everything goes well with the move!


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