Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

This week’s Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is victory. To celebrate a win.

One of my greatest wins is being married 30 years this past July! To celebrate that win, my husband and I went back to Niagara Falls where we originally spent our honeymoon. In this day and age, it certainly seems a victory when any marriage lasts longer than 10 years. It’s a sad but true fact. Marriage takes A LOT of compromise and forgiveness but is well worth the effort 🙂


This is on the American side. The blue spots are people, just to give you an idea of the size of these falls!

Close up to the American Falls

Close up to the American Falls. You can see the Canadian tour boat in the top left corner.

I encourage anyone to visit Niagara Falls, both the Canadian and the American sides. Besides the breathtaking views and activities at the falls, there are amusement parks, museums and shopping galore on each side. Loads of fun.

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Has anyone else been to Niagara Falls? You can view more photos and the activities on my Getting Wet at Niagara Falls post.

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