Time for Autumn Feng Shui

Apples and apple cider. Pumpkins and squash. Scarecrows and skeletons. Time for Autumn and Feng Shui.

pumpkins and gourds


fall maple

Many people like to decorate for the seasons. Dried cornstalks, bunches of Indian corn, pumpkins and skeletons can be great enhancements to home decor; however, you have to be careful where you place them and how.

Halloween Decorations- morgue

haunted house - morgue

Make sure you do not block your doorways, limiting the good chi entering your home.

Make sure your decorations do not become cluttered because clutter creates an unsettled atmosphere.

Perhaps, put some of your everyday decor away to make room for your Halloween decorations.

Autumn may also be a good time to do some “Spring Cleaning.”

  • Your curtains could use refreshing after a summer of dust blowing through them.
  • You could wash up your blankets and afghan to get them ready for cooler nights and mornings.
  • Trim your perennials to get them ready for their winter sleep.
  • Replace your doormats.
  • Clean out leaves and debris from your gutters.

Feng Shui will help you prepare for a winter of balance and prosperity.

What is your favorite season?


3 thoughts on “Time for Autumn Feng Shui

  1. My favourite season is summer, but autumn comes a close second, I love all the autumnal colours. 🙂


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