What Could Be Better Than Cats With Your Tea?

I love herbal teas and I love cats. So naturally, I would love the idea of cat cafes!

grey kitty on laptop

The world’s first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998 and since, they have sprung up across the globe.

cat mug

Cat cafes would naturally appeal to cat lovers but they serve a more important purpose. They let people who are not allowed pets in their apartments/condos, ‘rent‘ a cat or two for awhile. Also, people with family allergy issues or someone who has a spouse/mate who refuses to let a cat into their living space can come to a cat cafe to get their daily/weekly cat fix. And any cat lover will tell you they would die without a constant supply of their cat fix 🙂

person with cat

Benefits people can get from cat cafes:

  • a warm, fuzzy cat to snooze in their lap
  • cat-themed foods and desserts (although it may be a bit pricey)
  • you may get to provide a forever home for a cat – many cat cafes help find homes for strays
  • purrs to lower your heart rate and blood pressure
  • licks from a scratchy pink tongue

black & white tabby


Cat cafes can be found in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York City, Oregon, Russia, Japan and others. So look up the closest one to you and go give it a try!

Has anyone ever been to a cat cafe? I’d love to hear where you went and what you thought of it. Or just the idea of cat cafes in general – what do you think? Would you be likely to try it out?

(Here is a photo of our Aggie Girl, a rescue 8 years ago)

Aggie Girl

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14 thoughts on “What Could Be Better Than Cats With Your Tea?

  1. I’d love to own a kat cafe – UnFURtunately, the human would have to start it – (there goes that plan)! *tail FLAP!*😾


  2. Ann M. Filutze says:

    We were thinking of starting a cat café a while ago. Thanks for the reminder that they are so cute and helpful. Yours looks like our daughter’s Precious!


  3. The first cat cafe in the U.S.A. is Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, CA. It’s an amazing space with cats from all over relaxing and attracting attention from potential adopters. Great cafe, too! I’ve visited twice just because it’s such a fun place to spend time. I think cat cafes are a GREAT idea!


  4. San Jose has cat-i-tude! Join us at San Jose’s first cat cafe, a short-term event called The Dancing Cat.

    It will run from May 21 through June 14 and is San Jose’s first creative space for people…and cats. Meet the sweetest felines in Silicon Valley in a cat cafe environment.

    Your admission donation will give you the opportunity to interact with our cats in a comfortable, art-filled open room designed for both people and cats. Expect a living room-like space to meet friends, read, study, or just simply lounge under the funky lantern-filled ceiling surrounded by cat trees and work by local artists. You can bring your own food and beverage, or purchase a selection of soft drinks and snacks provided by local bakeries. Wi-fi and catnip are on the house.

    While all cats are available for adoption, this event is also for those who simply want to hang out with cats

    Details and a link to our reservation system is on our website. http://www.thedancingcat.org Our address is 702 E Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95112.


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