Ten Feng Shui Tips for Love and Romance

Cathleen has some great Feng Shui tips to help with love and romance, so I thought I’d pass them on to you. After all Spring is the season for romance 🙂 is it not?
Be sure to tell me what you thought or what tip you tried in the comments.
Have a great day!

Feng Shui that Makes Sense by Cathleen McCandless

Creating a Home Environment that Welcomes and Supports Love
Along with  Money and Career, Love is right at the top of the list for most of my clients when they mention the area of their life that they’d most like to improve. Feng shui can’t solve all our problems, but it can help with the energy needed to bring more joy and happiness into our lives.  Whether you are already in love, need to perk up your current relationship, or are still looking for that special someone, feng shui can help you create an environment that will support the energy of love and romance. Below I’ve given you ten tips on how to get your home “in the mood” for love!
1. Out with the Old
I often work with clients who hold on to keepsakes, belongings, and mementos from the past. The problem with keeping items that either belonged to or remind you of a former flame is that physical items hold energy…

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2 thoughts on “Ten Feng Shui Tips for Love and Romance

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