7 Lucky Feng Shui Animals

This is the second part of my Animal Feng Shui post. To read part one click here.

These seven animals are protective and symbols of long life and good fortune.

1. Tortoise – This animal brings wealth and protection to the home and family by harmonizing interior and exterior designs. To take advantage of the protection benefits from this ancient Feng Shui animal, place a tortoise in the back of your house facing toward the front door (West) and in a garden pond in your backyard facing your house.

Three turtles

2. Cat – In Ancient Egypt the cat was considered the Goddess of Health, bringing to women protection and marital happiness. Since cats can see in the dark, they protect and bring love and happiness to a home. Place cat figurines in the Marriage/Relationship and Career areas of your home and place Lucky Cats in your place of business.

Bau Compass

Bau Compass

Chinese Lucky Cats

Chinese Lucky Cats

large breed cat

3. Birds & Butterflies – Yes, butterflies, who flutter and fly close to the Heavens. When used in the Marriage/Relationships Area could attract a romantic partner and when used in the Creativity/Children Area could release a free-flowing of creative energy in your life.

Black & Blue butterfly

Mandarin Ducks have been known as the “love birds” since ancient times in China. They mate for life and symbolize devotion and fidelity so use them in the Marriage/Relationship Area (always in pairs).

Pair of Mandarins

4. Fu Dogs – These dogs have always guarded Imperial and wealthy homes and businesses by intimidating the negative energies and preventing them from entering the home or business. Use the Fu Dogs as pairs and place them where they will face the front door of your home or business.


5. Elephant – I was surprised to find the elephant is considered a protective and wish-granting animal. White elephants are especially auspicious and bring the owner great luck. To use an elephant for fertility, make sure the elephant’s trunk is pointed down but if using the animal for good luck you want the trunk to point up to hold the luck.


6. Deer – The name deer in Chinese sounds like the word for wealth and prosperity. It is a symbol of a long and prosperous life so use your deer figurine in the East section (Family Area) of your home.


7. Horses – Historically horses were given, laden with offerings & gifts, to the winner of competitions or battles. In Feng Shui the horse symbolizes a rising in wealth, prestige and promotion. Place your horse figurines and art in the Career Area of your home or office.

Horse racing

If you are an animal lover like me, you will have no problem displaying these lucky animals about your home and yard and reap the protection, happiness and health benefits.

If you try any of these Feng Shui tips, I would love to hear how it went or tell me about other methods you have tried.


Sources: http://www.lushome.com/feng-shui-home-pets/2693, http://www.fengshui.com, http://www.redlotusletter.com


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9 thoughts on “7 Lucky Feng Shui Animals

  1. Interesting to see these animals, too bad that fishes don’t belong there 🙂


  2. marjma2014 says:

    Lovely, interesting post. Need to get some of those lucky cat figurines, they’re cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tangomaz says:

    Does it matter which paw the cat is waving?


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