5 Uses for Used Tea Bags

I love tea and drink it everyday. So … what do you do with all those used tea bags?

tea cup with bag

I am a really big supporter of a recycle & reuse lifestyle so here are 5 uses for steeped tea bags:

1. Cleaning – The astringents in tea cuts through grease so use them to clean your pots and pans.



2. Deodorizing – Tea bags absorb odors so you can use them to get fish/onion/garlic odors off your hands. You can also stick them (once dried) in stinking sneakers to refresh them. Of course, if they’re this bad maybe you should just fill them with dirt and plant flowers in them.

Smelly sneakers



3. Gardening – Tea is very acidic and full of nutrients so add them to your compost pile, but make sure the bags are made of biodegradable materials and organic. They can also be used as a drainage layer in pots.

Girl Planting Seeds


4. Grooming – Tea has relaxing and soothing properties so throw a few bags in your bath next time and enjoy!



5. Healing – Tea has many healing benefits so use the wet (but not hot) bags on your tired eyes, sunburn, insect bites or minor burns. You could also bite down on them to help speed the healing of canker sores.



Does anyone else have uses for our used tea bags? I’d love to hear them.

Sources: http://www.teatulia.com and diycozyhome.com


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8 thoughts on “5 Uses for Used Tea Bags

  1. Wow! Who knew! I’m an avid tea drinker and I didn’t know about any of these. Are there any particular types of tea that are better for certain uses than others?


    • It seems only for cleaning wood floors and furniture will the type of tea matter. Use black teas for darker woods and green and white teas for lighter woods. If you use dried tea leaves for scenting dresser drawers you would want some tea with added peppermint, rose or lavender in it. Glad you enjoyed my post 🙂


  2. I knew about putting used tea bags over tired eyes…but that was all.
    Thanks for the tips!


  3. […] There are many uses for used tea bags. To read about some, check out my post 5 Uses for Used Tea Bags. […]


  4. […] tea bags can deodorize sneakers and boots. (For more uses see 5 Uses for Used Tea Bags […]


  5. […] tea bags can deodorize sneakers and boots. (For more uses see 5 Uses for Used Tea Bags […]


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