An Interview With Annie From Hong Kong Treasure

Hong Kong Treasure
by D. Dominik Wickles

dragon illustration


A devastating Philippines typhoon stole Annie’s memory. Now, can a handsome Chinese stranger save her from the danger she has forgotten?




Hong Kong Treasure will be launched in September and we have with us today, Annie.


So tell us a little bit about yourself, Annie.

“Well, since I lost my memory after the typhoon hit the Philippines, I can only tell you so much. I’m twenty-four years old with light brown hair and blue eyes. Deshi really likes my blue eyes (blush).”



Is Annie your real name?

“(Smile) No. I couldn’t remember my name so Deshi named me. He said I look like an Annie. I like it.”

So Deshi Han takes you back to Hong Kong with him to let you recover. Tell us about him.

“Oh, he’s wonderful! He’s a very famous movie star and director who also helps people with his charity works. His fans love him because he doesn’t have the ego that many famous people do. No, Deshi is just a great guy.”

guys chest

Do you watch him filming his movies?

“Yes, I love to watch them film. Deshi makes martial arts movies so sometimes it’s scary when he gets hurt, but otherwise it’s fascinating and fun. And I get to travel with them when they film in other places like Beijing and Singapore. I never knew there was so much to making a movie.”

film set

What do you think of Hong Kong?

“Whew! I am so glad I do not have to drive around the city. I’ve never seen so many cars, buses and bicycles all trying to get some where at the same time. At least I don’t remember it.”

HK traffic

What do you think of the Chinese people?

“Everyone has been so nice to me. Except…”


“Well, Jun doesn’t seem to like me. She’s Deshi’s assistant. I think she might be jealous because Deshi lets me spend so much time with him.”

So are you regaining your memory?

“Some things have come back. Something some one says or something I see will trigger a memory to return …(frown)”

Is something wrong, Annie?

“I have terrible nightmares. It’s dark and raining and someone is chasing me … he–“



To find out what danger Annie’s nightmare reveals, read Hong Kong Treasure this September.

Until then – read an excerpt at:



2 thoughts on “An Interview With Annie From Hong Kong Treasure

  1. Kathy Otten says:

    Hi Diane,
    Nice blog. 🙂 I love character interviews. It’s fun reading them and fun doing them. Looks like you did a lot of research. Best wishes. 🙂


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