It’s 2014!

Yea! It’s 2014!


I’m usually excited with a brand new year in which to improve myself. My resolutions revolve around eating healthier, reducing my stress, being more forgiving and exercising more. But I have an extra good reason to be  happy to see 2014. This is the year my romance novel will be published!

Hong Kong Treasure is a contemporary romance with a little mystery and action thrown in for good measure.




After losing everything in a devastating Philippines typhoon, including her memory, Annie is rescued by a handsome Hong Kong stranger. As their love  blossoms, jealousy and an old danger revealed in her nightmares threaten to keep them apart.



Love me heart


Hong Kong Treasure takes place in Hong Kong with side trips to exotic places such as Xi’an, Beijing and Singapore. Deshi Han, the handsome stranger, treats the Caucasian woman he rescues and names, Annie,  as a precious Chinese treasure.




Can you imagine anything more romantic than being rescued then treated like a princess? Has anyone had a real life rescue and love story?

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