Can a Ride on Hong Kong’s Outdoor Escalator be Romantic?

Hong Kong’s Mid-Level or Hill’s Escalator runs 2 miles through the city linking the Central and Western Districts of Hong Kong Island. It rises 443′ up the side of a hill and is the world’s longest, outdoor covered escalator system.

Mosque Street

Image by Balborbone

It was constructed in 1993 and each day over 55,000 people use the free system of twenty escalators and three inclined moving walkways. There are fourteen entrances and exits making it very accessible.

To ride it from start to finish takes twenty minutes but it only goes in one direction at a time. From 6 am to 10 am it runs downhill enabling commuters to get to work. Then from 10:30 am to midnight it runs uphill for tourists and shoppers.

Shelley Street

Image by Maucaine

You may have seen this escalator in films, most notably the 2009 Batman film – The Dark Knight.

So to my question – could a ride on Hong Kong’s outdoor escalator be romantic? I think it could definitely be romantic. Picture it at night. You and your date are riding the escalator on your way to a nice restaurant for a candlelit supper. You are standing by the windows, he has his arm around you and you’re both gazing out at the city lit up like a Christmas tree. You look up at him and he leans down to softly kiss your lips.

Does anyone else have an idea how an escalator ride could be romantic? I’d love to hear from you.

There is romance in the air…

Hong Kong Treasure, coming in 2014.

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