First Things First

I thought I’d start this blog with telling you a little about myself. I am married with two sons, one in college and one finishing high school. Our cat showed up on our doorstep one icy November day eight years ago and now has us all pretty well trained to her specifications.

I was considered a tomboy in many respects growing up but I also spent a good deal of my time curled up in a chair reading a book. Although I’ve had a few different jobs, I now work part-time at my local library. To be around books and people who love them as much as I do is my idea of paradise. And getting paid to be there – wow!

In my early twenties I discovered a love for martial arts and studied the Korean style of Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido. I also enjoyed watching martial arts movies. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jean Claude Van Damme … but my favorite was always Jackie Chan. They were all the inspiration for my first novel.

Hong Kong Treasure, is a contemporary romance which takes place in Hong Kong. Deshi Han is a famous martial arts actor and director who has no time for a serious relationship. His career and charity works are his life and a relationship would take valuable time and energy away from them.

However, on a charity trip to the Philippines after a typhoon he agrees to help a young Caucasian woman stranded with no memory. He brings her back to Hong Kong to rest and recover assuming it was just another act of charity. He soon finds his scheduled life taking some unexpected turns. Not only does he have to deal with his budding affection for the girl but a danger revealed in the girl’s nightmares may turn out to be real.


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